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– Shemanne Davis, Dean of Relay, Philadelphia & Camden

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Erasing the achievement gap by investing in our teachers

In physics, Jounce is the second derivative of acceleration: the acceleration of acceleration. While class size, district funding, and family involvement are all factors in a student’s development, research has repeatedly shown that teacher effectiveness is the single most important in-school determinant of student achievement. Jounce Partners is an education non-profit dedicated to rapidly increasing teacher effectiveness, which in turn rapidly improves student outcomes.

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Coaching that Works

Our model emphasizes frequent, short coaching touch points, live and immediate feedback and modeling, and high-repetition practice.

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Improving Schools

Jounce works with schools to install and execute a model of dramatically accelerated teacher development.

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Launching Schools

Jounce team members design and launch brand new schools in high-need communities, built around the Jounce paradigm of school-leader-as-head-coach.

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Education's Silver Bullet: Teacher Skill

Four consecutive years of excellent teaching erases the achievement gap. Jounce's coaching model - based on high repetition practice applied in real-time - ensures a school's staff gets better, faster.


Jounce's impact

Coaching teachers and changing educational outcomes

Jounce is now reaching more than 14,000 students in almost 40 schools. Jounce changes the culture of teacher development at schools, so that more of a School Leader’s time is spent coaching teachers and improving the quality of in-class instruction. In the schools it partners with, Jounce creates a strong instructional culture based on practice, which gives teachers the support they need to successfully manage student behavior and increase student outcomes. Schools that partner with Jounce to implement this innovative and effective coaching model see dramatic increases in student performance, as well as positive effects on teacher retention.