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Honor A Teacher

Great teachers change students' lives and have a lasting impact well beyond the classroom and graduation. Teachers are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. They are some of the most influential role models in developing our country's next generation.

This is why Jounce invests in our teachers. Honor your favorite teacher by  giving the gift of excellent teaching and donate to Jounce.

Click below to donate and share the name of your favorite teacher and why you are giving in their name. We will be honoring them all and thanking them for their service below.


Thank You

In honor of excellent teaching, Jounce Partners thanks donors for standing with us in paying tribute to the teachers who have shaped our lives and made us into the people we have become today.


Byron Davis

Honored by James Beale


Rob bohn

Honored by Paul Dean


Georgette blyler

Honored by G. Logan Blyler


Bahir Hayes

Honored by Kimber Hamilton


Greg Lesher

Honored by  Michael Hammond


Craig Amarnick

Honored by  Sarah Elder


Joe Fontana

Honored by Jeremiah Lemke


David Berg

Honored by  Howard Dean


Matt Chandler

Honored by Paul Dean


Mr. Morton

Honored by  Shawna Wells


Paul Lowes

Honored by  Jose Rivera


Geraldine Drake

Honored by  Alexandra Angel


Haven Bassett

Honored by  Thomas Cockriel


teachers of lower moreland High School

Honored by  Benjamin Jacobs


Rob Hall

Honored by  Max Rosenberg


Roger Pinches

Honored by  Daniel De Boer



Ms. Griffith, Ms. Matta, & Mr. Ruyle

Honored by  Bobby Erzen


Mr. DeBiasse

Honored by  James Rosenthal


Marcia Ventura

Honored by  Joan Steinberg


Dr. Elizabeth Tuleja

Honored by Bobby Erzen


Mr. Loyd

Anne and Mike Wang


Ms. Lavigne

Paul Dean


Ms. Park

Anne Dean


Mr. Paul Lowes

Jose Rivera


Eleanor Gagnon

Clayton Crooks