Launching Schools

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we work with future school leaders to fully implement the jounce model in schools

Throughout our School Launch Partnership fellowship, we launch Jounce affiliated schools where the Jounce model is fully implemented. The single most important factor in creating the type of education environment we envision is having an excellent teacher in every classroom. Jounce schools focus on high-quality teaching, because it has consistently been shown to outweigh any other factor when measuring student achievement. Additionally, when great teaching is occurring in every classroom, it creates a new perception of the norm, and ultimately a long-lasting new self-concept of a student as a learner. When students look around, class after class and day after day, they see their peers engaged, focused, working hard and excited about learning, which creates a culture of achievement in the school. Students believe that “this is who we are as learners,” a collective self-concept that, when protected and maintained over time, is internalized as an individual self-concept: “this is who I am as a learner.”