The Jounce Model

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In the education reform conversation, “There is no silver bullet” may be the most common phrase uttered.  And yet volumes of research say that there is a silver bullet – putting a great teacher in every classroom, especially every classroom that is home to our most vulnerable kids. To do that, without missing a single classroom within a school building, the school leader or principal becomes responsible for implementing this silver bullet.

The traditional approach to teacher coaching is called “Observation and Feedback”; our model replaces this with “Modeling and Practice.” When teachers are in class and teaching, leaders actively model instead of passively observing. When teachers are not in class, they are actively practicing instead of passively receiving feedback.

This shift – from “observation and feedback” to “modeling and practice” – requires a new set of skills for school leaders. We redefine school leadership as a job that is all about developing better teachers, faster, and we help leaders build the skill set for this new role.


The jounce Coaching model is based on the following FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS:

  1. Precision matters. Small differences in the execution of a teaching move or the understanding of content can make a big difference for student learning.

  2. Automaticity comes after mastery. Executing correctly is just the start; executing correctly every time, with very little thought or effort, is the goal. Creativity will come from the mental space freed up by automaticity.

  3. Kids come first. Adult discomfort can be overcome and pushed through if our kids will benefit through better learning.

  4. Buy-in comes from experiencing success, not from verbal persuasion (and not even from seeing someone else succeed). Push through discomfort, knowing you need to manufacture success in each coaching touch point.

  5. Energy is contagious. Excitement, energy, and enthusiasm about practice and modeling, not explanations or apologies, build the bridge over discomfort.

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frequent, short coaching touch points

Most teachers receive fewer than one professional development touch point each week. In Jounce partner schools, each teacher gets coached multiple times every single day.

live and immediate feedback and modeling

Coaches and teachers address small areas of improvement immediately during practice sessions and in-class, so that teachers can adjust in the moment and practice the skill effectively. Real-time coaching and modeling dramatically shortens the feedback loop, allowing teachers to act on feedback immediately rather than receiving feedback after the fact.

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high-repetition practice

Leaders model a skill; then teachers practice that skill again and again, receiving feedback during each repetition. High-repetition practice allows teachers to build automaticity, which leads to excellent execution every time, and freed up cognitive energy for other cognitive tasks of teaching.