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Jounce is now reaching more than 14,000 students in almost 40 schools through School Partnerships, new-start schools founded by Jounce School Leader Fellows, and Talent Pipeline Partnerships preparing new school leaders and teachers.


School Leaders are doing more teacher coaching.


On average, Jounce School Leaders spend about 35% of their time coaching teachers, compared to under 10% before partnering with Jounce. 

Our partner schools that moved farthest toward implementing the Jounce coaching model also demonstrated strong student learning outcomes.


More coaching means more student growth and increased student learning.


% of School Leader's Time Spent Coaching Teachers


jounce changes the culture of teacher
development at schools


Jounce accelerates teacher learning and improves student outcomes. 


When Jounce began working with one district elementary school in Philadelphia, it was in the District's lowest performance tier. Today it is the 9th highest performing elementary school in Philadelphia and its kindergarten classes rank in the 95th and 99th percentile of District-wide student growth. 

Two Washington, D.C. charter schools that have engaged Jounce have experienced similar acceleration. The schools ranked 1st and 3rd highest in student growth across the entire city, demonstrating how the Jounce model can work in differing academic systems and reap rewards.

Ultimately, the effect of introducing the Jounce model in schools and improving teacher quality leads to better student outcomes. For example, at a school where Jounce coaching was implemented in a select number of classrooms, we saw 65% of students exposed to teachers coached by Jounce make over a year of academic growth, versus 52% in classrooms teaching the same grade and/or subjects but without Jounce coaching.

By comparing implementation levels to student outcome data over the past two years, Jounce has developed projections that indicate that if School Leaders spend 70% or more of their time coaching teachers, they would be able to close the gap between the percentage of students making target growth and 100% by two-thirds. This encourages us to keep shifting the paradigm toward more teacher coaching at our partner schools and is why School Leaders at Jounce affiliated schools spend 80% of their time coaching teachers.

At Memphis Delta Prep, Jounce's first affiliated new-start school, the School Leader's focus on coaching teachers led to the acceleration of student growth in early learners: the percentage of kindergarteners reading at grade level nearly tripled (23% to 64%), and more than nine times as many first graders were reading at grade level by the end of first grade (4% to 37%).


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Supporting teachers and keeping kids in the classroom. 


According to The New Teacher Project (“TNTP”), schools “with strong instructional cultures also have stronger student outcomes and greater retention of effective teachers.” Jounce builds this culture.

Following Jounce’s arrival at one local elementary school, teachers reported improved instructional culture in 48 out of 50 measured categories. The following year, 100% of their teachers returned to teach. Additionally, in a recent survey of Jounce-supported teachers, 100% of participants agreed that they would recommend Jounce training to their colleagues. 

A strong instructional culture gives teachers the support they need to not just increase student outcomes, but to successfully manage student behavior. By implementing the Jounce model, student behavior improves.

When Memphis Delta Prep (MDP), Jounce's first affiliated new-start school, launched, they brought in 39 students who had been expelled or not asked back by their previous schools, and another 13 who joined midyear after being expelled. None of these students were expelled or coached out of MDP; in fact, Memphis Delta Prep has not even suspended a single student.


Jounce builds a strong instructional culture, which helps schools retain talent.

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